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Everything that is alive at Ro Dama is an expression of regeneration.

At Ro Dama, nature and people come together in a regenerative dance that brings both us and the Dowr Konnor watershed back to life. And it is not just regeneration of the eco-system that is happening here, but also of ourselves, our communities & towns, Kernow/Cornwall as a whole and Cornish culture.

Gratitude: Sharing in Abundance

Gratitude is one way that we can return the surplus abundance back to those who have helped create it. And we have a lot to be grateful for at Ro Dama.he regeneration is an expression of the efforts of a huge number of beings, and it would be impossible to name them all here. However, what follows is a list of gratitudes that acknowledge and recognise the contributions made here:

  • The Willows, for standing watch over the river and purifying it
  • The Gorse, for taking root in tough eroded soil and fixing nitrogen for the benefit of other plants
  • The Brambles, for nursing the tree saplings, protecting them from winds and animals
  • The Edible Plants, for sustaining us while we play our regenerative roles
  • The Medicinal Plants, for your healing teas and ointments
  • The Soil, for providing a home for billions of micro-organisms and mycelium that are pivotal to all life here
  • The Birds, for providing the soundtrack for life at Ro Dama
  • The Animals, for keeping us company and for working the night shift
  • Sue, for having the original vision for Ro Dama
  • Willo, for bringing this vision to life
  • Duncan, for curating the space for growing food
  • All of those who have come and contributed in ways big and small here through the years
  • Camborne, Pool & Redruth, for providing us with homes, pubs and shops where we buy what we need
  • Those who have contributed financially, by paying for workshops, camping or funding, including:
    • Cornwall Community Foundation
    • The National Lottery Community Fund
    • The School for Social Entrepreneurs