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A more connected, regenerative way of exploring Kernow/Cornwall

We invite you to come get to know our homeland, Kernow or Cornwall as you may know it, in a more intimate and connected way:

We’ve found that it’s near impossible to leave Ro Dama without having fallen in love with the land and with nature again. In less than 5 minutes walk from your tent, you could find yourself in a wild willow glade picking wild garlic, or watching the rushing river which meets the sea at Godrevy nearby, or in our nascent food forest, pioneering regenerative ways of growing food. Whether it’s with the birds, the trees or the river that you feel most connected to nature, you’ll find it here. If you’re looking

You could find out what it means to live closer to nature, more ecologically and off-grid too. We are heading for carbon-neutral too! Compost toilets and off-grid showers are provided, while being powered by solar & wind and our water comes from our own well. Our site infrastructure largely consists of upcycling materials, so you might find inspiration for things lying around your area.

Not only this but our site can help you connect with Cornish culture in an unparalleled way. It’s the only campsite in Kernow/Cornwall where you will find Kernewek, the Cornish Language spoken regularly by its members. Ask around and you could hear the old Cornish folktales and mythology and the stories of the Cornish saints who once inhabited this valley. You may even be able to join in as we sing the old songs around the campfire as the sun goes down, then find a quiet spot to enjoy the night sky lit up by distant stars thanks to the low light pollution in the valley.

And you don’t have to trade nature connection for accessibility – being only 5 minutes off the A30 Camborne West junction, 10 minutes away from the famous 3-mile long Gwithian Beach and 20 minutes from holiday favourite St Ives, you can still explore your favourite places and then retreat to our hideaway. Camborne, only a little more than 5 minutes away, is also on the main bus & train lines throughout Cornwall.

We also offer a model for tourism that regenerates, not degenerates, our homeland, and profits from camping are reinvested in our regenerative efforts, so you’d be helping Cornish people in our efforts to regenerate our land and our communities.

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