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Ro Dama is one of the few projects & campsites where you will hear Cornish regularly spoken. It is woven into the fabric of this place, our signage and our events. Knowledge of the Cornish language is shared freely in this space, a heritage of all Cornish people to be reclaimed.


There is a strong tradition of storytelling through songs and shanties in Cornish culture, and Willo, a founding Ro Dama member, has been exploring sharing and developing this tradition as part of the Aggie Boy’s Choir for many years.


The stories we tell about ourselves, our place, the world, and the way it works, are both an expression of, and in turn, create our culture. Therefore, Cornish culture is formed by the stories we choose to tell about this place and our role in it. Ro Dama is a space where we can connect with different stories from the ones, both by re-telling the old forgotten stories and for telling new ones.