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Community Development

Recognising that the community is already on a journey towards regeneration and bringing itself back to life, we play our role in evolving the capacity of its members to uncover and contribute their unique gifts to the community. We are guided by decades of experience in social justice, activism, alternative living and community development, as well as knowledge in areas such as Permaculture, Living Systems Thinking & Asset-Based Community Development.

This role is expressed through everything we do, but in particular, bringing people together around communal food, in resourcing other community groups with food, reweaving connections between the community & nature, education in regenerative living and precipitating new friendships.


Ro Dama is a space that invites a range of therapeutic practices in a restful natural setting, nestled among trees, shrubs and wildflowers looking out onto a stunning panorama of lush wilderness and ancient woodland on the banks of the River Connor. Closely surrounded by vibrant nature, the sound of the ebbing and flowing of the sea just over the hill and the calls of the many resident birds. We believe that there are health benefits from simply being in Nature, feet on the Earth; recharging; grounding. We invite you to relax and meditate in wild nature, an opportunity to unwind, relax and quieten your busy minds. We especially welcome meditators, healers, yoga practitioners and those wishing to explore ideas of retreat and digital detox.