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Food Growing

We play our positive human ecological role by growing food in our polytunnels and beds to share between ourselves, our communities and also the animals and birds that contribute to the site. In so doing we are regenerating the soil from the site itself and using a no-dig philosophy.


There has been an explosion of life at Ro Dama since we took over as stewards of the land. Living and working alongside us here are:

  • Bird species including herons, chiffchaffs, great tits and buzzards.
  • Deer, foxes and other animals
  • Trees such as willow, goat willow, oak, birch, hazel, apple and hawthorn
  • Edible and medicinal plants such as yarrow, black mustard, wild garlic, meadowsweet and burdock.
  • ┬áVarious other living beings from lizards to butterflies to bees.


Ro Dama is home to a great number of edible plants and we take great joy in introducing you to these plants in both formal and informal ways, which you may find and enjoy too around your home.


We use Permaculture to design how we come alongside the land in its effort to rewild & regenerate itself. We have a Permaculture Diploma being completed by a long-term member which focusses on the site.


The gorse, brambles, blackthorn and the trees have been the leaders of the regenerative effort at Ro Dama following its history as a silver mine, a motorcycle track and a dump. We take inspiration from these plants and come alongside them, the watershed and Kernow/Cornwall as a whole to regenerate our land, our communities and ultimately, ourselves.